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About Symbotic

A Simpler, Smarter and Better Warehouse Automation Solution

Symbotic uses a disruptive and technologically superior approach to automating warehouses that enables manufacturers, retailers and distributors to significantly simplify operations and reduce costs while increasing their ability to sort, store and distribute materials with high degrees of speed, accuracy, and customization.

Our Solution

TheĀ Symbotic platform enables the fastest throughput with reduced labor requirements – from receiving to storing to shipping. The result is a solution that significantly increases existing storage density, is inexpensive to configure and operate and can grow and scale to fit changing customer requirements.

Our autonomous, mobile robots feature direct gentle case handling with access to any case at any time, and in any sequence. They represent the fastest, most scalable, coordinated fleet management on the market.

Founding Principles

Symbotic was founded on applied engineering principals of innovation that is aligned with customer need for improved material handling including storage, staging and sequencing for order fulfillment. Our philosophy supports an open product development process that eliminates customer constraints and creates solutions that can be configured into any existing structure. Symbotic is recognized as a viable solution for wholesale, distribution and retail companies in the General Merchandise & Retail and Grocery & Food Service industries.

Values & Beliefs

Automation Should Not Be Limiting
Current automated solutions are over engineered and require significant capital investment in the way of new buildings, specialized and inefficient storage and highly complex systems. In addition, with little in the way of redundancy it is difficult for customers to overcome the high degree of operating failure.

With Symbotic, buildings and assets are leveraged and can be staged into any configuration to minimize disruption and our warehouse management software integrates into any existing system. The result is a low cost / low impact solution that yields the highest return on investment.

Product Solutions Should Be Open, Flexible and Scalable
The approach to automation traditionally has required long implementation due to the highly mechanized nature and approach to single source technology. Symbotic believes its focus should be on the intelligence behind the structure, equipment and robotics yielding a best-in-class solution from multiple sources.

Innovation Should Transform the Supply Chain to the Store Shelf
Symbotic is committed to the development of solutions that enable sequenced events from the manufacturer to the distributor clear through to the retailers shelf in a no touch operation – one that provides the highest speed, the greatest storage capacity and the lowest amount of complexity for ease of use.