1. What is Symbotic?

Symbotic is a robotics and software driven automation solutions provider for warehouses and distribution centers. Symbotic’s mission is to continually advance the development and commercialization of advanced robotic material handling systems and provide best in class return on investment for high throughput, optimal space utilization and flexible automation solutions that can easily integrate into the customer’s existing supply network and distribution infrastructure.


2. What types of technologies are involved?

Symbotic employs a great number of different disciplines including robotic, electrical, mechanical, and software engineering. Our platform leverages sophisticated algorithmic methodologies to enable high levels of sequencing for optimal material handling speed and throughput.


3. What is the history of the company?

Founded in 2005 (formerly CasePick Systems), Symbotic’s team had the vision to see past existing overly engineered and complex material handling systems. The equipment and process complexity resulted in high cost and inflexible storage and retrieval solutions that couldn’t be retrofit into existing structures. They envisioned a simpler and better way to use mobile autonomous robots (or rovers) to quickly sequence product from manufacturer to store shelf. In order to take the vision and turn it into reality, the founding team sought the help of a strategic partner and found it in C&S Wholesale Distributors. Together they developed the concepts of applying robotics technology leveraging “massive parallel processing” of data to optimize storage and retrieval.  The result was a successful operational system in a C&S warehouses processing millions of cases a year.


4. Where does the software fit into the overall solution?

Symbotic is a product company that is positioned with software at the core of it’s MatrixSelectTM platform. The MatrixSelect Distributed Storage Engine (DSE) enables us to flexibly configure our robotics and hardware components in a simple and cost effective way. It also makes it easy to scale a system without significant reinvestment or re-engineering. You could say it is our software that gives us our competitive edge.