Why Symbotic

What is it about Symbotic that makes it the best place to work?

Our Culture: Symbotic is not a conventional company and we intend to maintain what makes us successful – attracting the best people, developing good ideas and developing products that customers want. As we continue to grow, we’re committed to maintain this focus.

  • Employee Centric: At Symbotic, we know that every employee has something important to say, that every employee is integral to our success and that as a whole we must remain singularly focused. We provide competitive compensation packages.
  • Diversity to Drive Innovation: Symbotic is committed to nurturing a competitive, invigorating, and positive environment by hiring the most diverse and talented people who share our commitment to best in breed product solutions – and have a great time while doing it.
  • Passion Persists: Symbots work in multifunctional and focused teams in a high-energy environment. They believe that with technology, there is nothing that can’t be overcome and transformed. In that way, they are passionate about their work.

We’re always on the look out for new Symbots – Take a look at our job opportunities.