Solutions that Answer
today's supply chain challenges


Supply Chain Simplification – from Manufacturer to Store Shelf

Symbotic intimately understands the challenges manufacturers, distributors and retailers face today — the pressure to reduce operating expenses in the supply chain while demands to increase inventory and maintain traditional data warehousing infrastructures are growing exponentially.

Supply chain costs have shown to have not only the greatest growth rates but also represent the majority of cost of store shelf goods. Moreover, the demand forecast, timeliness of delivery, and resupply of goods is where automation stands to make the greatest impact on lowering costs.

Symbotic is the first automated solution in the industry that provides configurability within the supply chain creating efficiencies and simplification of the entire supply chain — from manufacturer to store shelf.

Our Value Proposition

We continually strive to intimately understand the logistical challenges these industries face and develop technologies and automation solutions to create value for our customers.

General Merchandise & Retail

General Merchandise & Retail

Experience exponential growth in utilization of existing assets and volume of materials handling.

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Grocery & Food Service

Grocery & Food Service

Providing highly sequenced and optimized distribution and material handling.

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How We Do It

We align ourselves with top supply chain and robotics thought leaders in these sectors to be the most innovative supplier of logistics automation and ensure that our customers can leverage the most advanced technology and engineered solutions in the world.

Learn more about how Symbotic is creating logistical value and results in the supply chain.