is multifunctional & diverse


Changing the Way Product is Distributed Throughout the Supply Chain

At Symbotic, we’re building hardware and software that will change the way the world distributes product from manufacturer to store shelf. We solve problems that optimize the handling of millions of cases every day in a fun and fast-paced environment. Every Symbot believes that technology has the potential to drastically lower the cost of delivering product to customers and is working to help businesses design solutions that can make that change.

The team at Symbotic is led by seasoned professionals in high tech, supply chain, robotics, engineering, manufacturing and operations and are aligned with a singular focus – delivering the highest value to our customers and developing a company climate of trust and open, honest communication that sees change as a new opportunity.

We believe that technology shouldn’t limit our customer’s ability to grow and evolve as their needs change and that software can deliver that flexibility which is both easy and empowering for them. Our people show up for the work every day committed to thinking simply, intelligently, and differently and we will remain committed to fostering that culture as we grow.


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