Integrated Next-Gen Automation
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Symbotic Platform

One Solution Configured to Meet All of Your Supply Chain Needs

At Symbotic, we place the customer first and work to solve complex problems and enable our customers to quickly and easily configure the most optimal solution. Our industry experience and world-class automated warehouse solutions transcend any constraints – coupled with our operational staff, Symbotic can implement systems of any size with superior ROI.

Symbotic Bots

Our robots can travel freely throughout the storage structure accessing any product, in any location and at any time at a very high throughput rate delivering product in sequence to build stable, store-friendly pallets.

Integration Solutions

To meet the challenges of today’s distribution environment, MatrixSelect can be configured using integration technologies to consolidate and simplify material flow and dramatically increase  throughput.  Symbotic is committed to meet these challenges using high-speed, high-accuracy, and high-sequenced processing of full and split case items.

Operational Support

Symbotic can provide the end-to-end operational services and support necessary for seamless execution including:

  • Design & simulation
  • Project management
  • Operations planning & support
  • Software & IT

Symbotic Storage

Symbotic Storage

Store More Product: The most dense, simplest and most configurable case storage solution on the market today.

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Symbotic Software

Symbotic Software

Warehouse Management Interfaces: An advanced and open architecture for seamless warehouse management systems integration and fine-tuning of sub-systems available.

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