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Modular, Extensible, and Reliable – A Solution Staged for Success

MatrixSelect Storage is unlike any other automated storage and retrieval solution on the market today using a simplified approach and solving many of the material handling challenges faced today. Best of all, it can be quickly configured into any existing space, utilize no additional storage requirements (trays), and provide optimal space utilization. With a distributed storage of SKUs, the Matrix Rover can access any pick location using built in sortation without any additional mechanization.

Symbotic Storage Benefits

  • Increased Storage Density – with no forklift aisles and complete vertical and horizontal use of warehouse space, Symbotic’s MatrixSelect Storage solution delivers higher product density than traditional solutions
  • Modular, Extensible and with Minimal Disruption – MatrixSelect Storage can be easily designed for installation and staged for expansion within an existing warehouse with no disruption of existing warehouse operations
  • High Speed and Throughput – with a parallel component structure, high speed rovers and no single point of failure, the MatrixSelect Storage solution surpasses traditional solutions for up-time in 24 by 7 operations

The Symbotic Storage Difference

  • Reliability – adapts to changes in product types, velocities, and prioritization not possible with traditional AS/RS equipment
  • Productivity – simultaneous storage and retrieval can proceed at the same time with full productivity allowing for reduced days-on-hand of inventory
  • Sustainability – lower design, installation and operational costs than traditional warehouse automation systems

Learn more about Symbotic’s software that powers the Symbotic platform.