Automation Solutions that Enable the Warehouse Supply Network: The Launch of Symbotic and the Power of Simplicity

It’s widely accepted that any great start-up has three vital ingredients that will ultimately determine its success:

  1. It’s Disruptive. Disruption can come in many forms – industry disruption which involves improving or expanding upon an existing business model, technology disruption like what social media and the internet is doing to disrupt – well, just about everything, and product disruption like what Facebook did to MySpace.
  2. It’s Got ‘Team’. This comes from the founders, early investors, and engineers that work tirelessly to fulfill a vision. They have to be enormously talented, can think outside of the box, and have an unwavering belief that they can succeed – no matter what obstacles they face.
  3. It Can ‘Scale Big’. The market timing is ripe for innovation and there’s a worldwide market that can be tapped for business and success.

It is also a well-known fact that startups of this kind are indeed rare. We’ve rebranded the company from CasePick Systems to Symbotic, so that the name embodies the underlying essence of how it developed its intellectual property. The meaning behind Symbotic comes from the cross section of ‘symbiotic’ and ‘robotic’.  Our technology is built upon several mutually autonomous but dependent components including structure, hardware, software and robotics. But what is ultimately most distinctive of Symbotic is its simplicity in design.

“There is underlying complexity to all of the components but what is differentiating is the inherent simplicity of its application.”

Who is behind Symbotic?

Symbotic also benefited from a prolific visionary, investor, and industry leader, Rick Cohen of C&S Wholesale, who acquired the company and invested in the expansion of the intellectual property beyond the automated robotic vehicles to include store-friendly sequencing and palletizing, and the unique structural retrofitting of an extremely dense storage structure. Today we are announcing our corporate independence as we are now poised to take this technology to the mainstream of the supply network.

Symbotic engineers have developed a solution for the supply network that is smarter and more efficient – having fewer moving parts, redundancy, flexibility and scalability. Ultimately, this translates into a solution that significantly reduces the cost to design, implement and operate the supply network – enabling customers to make an investment in their long-term sustainability and viability.

The timing for this opportunity is huge. Basically anything that is in a box that needs to be handled can benefit from this automation. Where there is a need for smaller storage facilities located closer to more densely populated urban areas, a need to maximize storage density in existing structures, the need to drive down costs and increase overall efficiencies in product handling, distribution and logistics, or a combination of all of the above – Symbotic is poised to be the solutions provider that leads by example.

What’s the bottom line? Powerful technology comes in the form of simplicity.  To quote one of our greatest and inspirational entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs, he said,

Work hard to make it simple. That’s been one of my mantras – focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
Steve Jobs, Interview with Business Week, 1998

Here at Symbotic, we couldn’t agree more. Creating smarter, simpler and more compelling value to customers is what we’ll always be about – it is our competitive differentiator. We’re extremely proud of what Symbotic has accomplished so far and look forward to further realizing its potential and well-deserved success.

Symbotic is out to disrupt and lead the robotics and supply chain industries. We’ve got some exciting announcements to make along with a full website to unveil in the upcoming weeks. We’re also looking to hire talented engineers (software, mechanical, electrical, and operational) who want to be part of a world-class team creating state-of-the-art robotic technologies. The best is yet to come so stay tuned!

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