Symbot, Tim Perrault, Speaks at The World Automation Congress 2012 About His Bomb Disposal Robot

Fellow Symbot Tim Perrault was invited to speak at the World Automation Congress conference this month about his senior robotics project at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Inspired by his work with the Boston Bomb Squad who have used current market robots for the last 10+ years, Tim and his team set out to develop an economical bomb disposal robot with intuitive control and a more dexterous gripper. On average, a robotic bomb disposal robot costs between $200-250,000 dollars. Due to their limited ability to manipulate a bomb, current market models often can’t successfully complete their missions.

After a month of requirements gathering, Tim and his team came up with a design and spent the next 8 months building the bot to spec using an electric wheel chair base, high quality cameras, and an innovative dual gripper as an end effector spending approximately $3,000 resulting in a production cost of $8,000 – infinitely lower than competitive models. To complete this assignment, Tim and his team published a 200+ page paper and successfully deployed his bot. Take a look at the robot in action!

View the YouTube Video of the Robot in Action

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