Industrial Robotics and Machine Vision Growth in 2017

See exceptional results for the first nine months

The Robotics Industries Association (RIA) recently released their statistics for the first nine months of 2017. Orders and shipments are up by respectively 14% and 18% in units compared to the same period of 2016. With this 4th consecutive growth period, the number of units ordered reached a record high of 27,294 while the units shipped got 25,936.

Since we escaped from the last economic crisis, the industrial robotics industry is growing on yearly average of about 18% as we can see in the graph below.

Of course, the automotive industry is still an important market with a growth of 11% in units, but the non-automotive sector almost doubled that growth with 20%! This confirms the health of the various industrial sectors in North America.

Similarly, the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) also released its statistics. The machine vision market is also quite strong as it experienced a growth of 14% in the first nine months of 2017 compared to the previous year. The same increase was seen for the systems and components categories. As we can see in the graph below, the machine vision market has a general trend upwards, but not as steep as the industrial robotics. Its yearly average since 2010 is at 9%. This might be in part explained by the fact that machine vision systems and components experienced a significant drop in pricing, therefore impacting the overall sales volume.


Unfortunately, we do not have specific statistics for the warehouse and distribution sector, but what we experience and see is steady progress for a long time.