Akram Zahdeh is the Chief Technology Officer at Symbotic and leads the Hardware Engineering group. Prior to joining Symbotic in 2018, Akram spent 30 years at General Motors, most recently as a GM Principal Technical Fellow.

An industry innovator, Akram is known for his work in dramatically impacting GM engine applications through his pioneering research, especially on stochastic preignition (SPI), and the implementation of engine thermal management and targeted cooling in all new engines. Akram was a leader in the design and architecture many of the race engines, including NASCAR and Indy, and the first implementation of direct injection (DI) in a two-valve, push-rod engine for Corvettes racing in Le Mans. He was also responsible developing and implementing GM rule-based engineering and full-service engineering and design tools.

Akram is one of GM’s most successful and decorated innovators, having received more than 37 production-worthy patents and being one of only two people to ever reach GM’s highest technical level. Akram has a PhD in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and combustion from Wayne State University and was PhD candidate at MIT. Akram was inducted in WSU Hall of Fame in 2012 and received the prestigious Boss Kettering Award numerous times for changing the technology landscape for GM products.