Akram Zahdeh is the Chief Technology Officer at Symbotic.  Presently, he is concentrating on advanced technologies associated with all aspects of the Symbotic offering, including the clean-sheet design of the flagship autonomous vehicle Symbotic calls the “bot”.

Over the past two years, Akram has led engineering at Symbotic and introduced many advanced analytical techniques in the area of multi-physics, kinematics and dynamics, advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and structural optimization.  This technology enables the design virtualization of complex product and minimizes the cycle time for design.

Prior to joining Symbotic in 2018, Akram spent 30 years at General Motors as a Principal Technical Fellow.  He is known for his work in GM engine applications through his pioneering research.  Akram is a leader in the design and architecture of many race engines, including NASCAR and Indy, and the first implementation of direct injection (DI) in a two-valve, push-rod engine for Corvettes racing in Le Mans.  He was also responsible for developing and implementing GM rule-based engineering and full-service engineering and design tools.

Akram received more than 78 patents with 37 of them production worthy.  He also received the highest award in engineering at General Motors, the Boss Kettering Award numerous times during his career.

Akram holds a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and combustion.