Rob Krattiger is the Vice President of Customer Operations at Symbotic. In this role, he is responsible for the 24-7-365 operations of Symbotic robotic systems at customer sites across North America. This includes leading the site operations and maintenance teams who work side-by-side with customers in their distribution centers, as well as the training, maintenance, technical support, and safety teams that support on-site teams.

Previously, Rob was Symbotic’s Vice President of Systems Engineering, leading Symbotic’s product management, technical support, training, maintenance and product analysis teams. Rob joined Symbotic in 2014 and has served in numerous roles including, Director of System Implementation Services, Program Manager and Solutions Engineer. Rob began his career as an Operations Manager at the first Symbotic project (or CasePick, as it was known then) in Newburgh, N.Y.

Rob has a bachelor’s in history from Dartmouth College.