Our Robots Move 10 Times Faster Than Humans

Our robots move at 25 mph and carefully handle cases from below, like a person would, to handle all types of products, including the most fragile. That speed and soft touch combined with the intelligence of the Symbotic system yields 2-3 times higher throughput than any other solution on the market.

Our Pallets Are Built Smarter

The Symbotic system builds pallets using advanced algorithms that take into account the shape, size, and weight of tens of thousands of items—plus the store layout for where pallet is headed. This high-precision Tetris game yields densely packed, high-cube, aisle-ready pallets.

We Treat the Distribution Center Like a Hard Drive

We use distribution center storage dynamically, based on each product’s dimensions, spreading fast-moving items throughout the structure for higher density, reduced bottlenecks, and faster picking.

robot on factory line

Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Speeds up to 25 mph
  • Case underpick capability
  • Access any case, anytime, in any sequence
modular stacked pallets in factory

Flexible, Scalable, Modular Structures

  • Layout based on products, operational flow, and end-customer needs
  • Constructed with minimal disruption to current operations
robot stacking pallets

Palletizing and Depalletizing

  • Patented end-of-arm tooling for high-speed depalletizing and palletizing
  • Fully automated: Only needs an operator with a barcode scanner
  • Palletizing system creates rainbow pallets at industry-leading rates
  • Advanced palletizing technology results in custom, dense, store-ready pallets
sybmotic software on multiple screens, showing real-time data and analytics.

Flexible Software Focused On Optimizing For Customer Results

  • Seamless integration with existing warehouse management systems
  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Leverages machine learning and advanced optimization algorithms for continuous improvements

Design &

Every warehouse has a different floor plan and operational flow, so we collaborate with your team to design a solution that will work best for you and your business. Then we prove the concepts through simulation before breaking ground.


We work with your team to ensure a seamless integration between networks, warehouse management system and order processing workflows.


To reinvent your warehouse by your go-live date, our project management and procurement teams make sure everything is installed on-time and tested before we activate production.


Beyond the physical system and ongoing support, Symbotic teams operate and maintain the system on your behalf, 24-7-365. Lean, skilled operations and maintenance teams are built in collaboration with our customers, enabling us to hire locally and train quickly.

Monitoring and

We integrate our UIs to monitor, maintain, and report real-time system status for every site. This creates a network of on-site and off-site teams that collaborate seamlessly to increase the efficiency of your warehouse.

Call Center

Have an issue at 4am? No problem. Our on-call support team will help your site become fully operational again.