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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Symbotic do?

Symbotic is an automation technology leader reimagining the supply chain with its end-to-end, A.I.-powered robotic and software platform. Symbotic reinvents the warehouse as a strategic asset for the world’s largest retail, wholesale, and food & beverage companies. Applying next-generation technology, high-density storage and machine learning to solve today’s complex distribution challenges, Symbotic enables companies to move goods with unmatched speed, agility, accuracy and efficiency. As the backbone of commerce the Symbotic platform transforms the flow of goods and the economics of supply chain for its customers.

What is the Symbotic system and how does it work?

Cases are dynamically distributed across a high-density buffering structure. Intelligent software orchestrates a fleet of vision-enabled robots to induct, store and retrieve products within the unique structure. The result is a high-density mixed-SKU aisle-ready pallet that can be loaded onto a trailer in minutes.

Is Symbotic a publicly traded company?

As of June 7, 2022, Symbotic Class A common stock began trading on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol “SYM”. To learn about SYM stock, visit our Investor Relations site.

What is a SymBot?

SymBot is the ninth generation autonomous mobile robot invented by Symbotic. It is the most sophisticated mobile robot on the market, designed for machine learning with unmatched on-board computing power to collect data, extract insights and flexibly adapt to its environment and variations in operations.

When was Symbotic founded?

The Symbotic journey began in 2007. Rick Cohen formed CasePick Solutions and built the first prototype design from the ground up in response to distribution challenges at the Cohen family-owned C&S Wholesale Grocers.

What are the benefits of the Symbotic System?

The Symbotic System delivers unmatched efficiency, accuracy and agility while reducing costs. The flexibility to push inventory to stores, as well as pull inventory through the supply chain on-demand, is a powerful competitive advantage for Symbotic clients.

Does the Symbotic System work in multi-temp environments?

The Symbotic System currently works in ambient warehouses. Refrigerated solutions are on the future product development roadmap.

Can the Symbotic System be implemented in existing warehouses?

The Symbotic System is flexible enough to be implemented in existing operations without major disruption. The modular design makes it easily scalable.

What is the useful life of the Symbotic System?

The useful life of a system is 25 years.

What makes Symbotic unique?

The Symbotic System is first fully integrated end-to-end robotic automation platform. Its unmatched speed and efficiency and ability to leverage a first-of-its kind high-density buffering/storage structure is unique. A key differentiator is the system’s ability to create ultra tall, stable, aisle-ready smart pallets for the planogram of each store.

Does Symbotic use artificial intelligance or machine learning?

A.I.-powered software seamlessly orchestrates hundreds of industrial robots within the system. A comprehensive proprietary software architecture manages the entire end-to-end system from case digitization and complex bot routing to sequencing, planning and building the perfect mixed-SKU pallet.