The Symbotic Story
Starts with Innovation

The Symbotic story began in 2007 with a vision and the drive to solve real-world problems. Since then, the company has been on a journey to bring together warehouse operations expertise and advanced technologies to revolutionize warehouse automation.



Revolution Began with a Blank Sheet

Finding that no suitable solution existed in the market to meet the needs of his growing wholesale grocery business, Founder Rick Cohen began to create one starting with a blank sheet of paper and an idea.

The first prototype Symbotic robot was built from a piece of plywood and four wheels.

Today, our A.I.-powered robots autonomously navigate a structure the size of a football field at speeds up to 20+ mph. We use artificial intelligence and sophisticated software combined with state-of-the-art robotics to move goods through the supply chain with speed and precision.


"Our vision at Symbotic has always been to reinvent the supply chain with artificial intelligence and robotics – transforming the distribution network into a strategic asset."


Rick Cohen Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


The Symbotic Story

The Symbotic journey began with a vision to reinvent the warehouse.  CasePick Solutions was formed and the first prototype design was built from the ground up to meet the growing needs of the Cohen family-owned C&S Wholesale Grocers.

After years of design engineering and refining the technology CasePick rebranded as Symbotic and signed its first commercial contract. Industry-leading customers bought into the vision and validated the company’s commercially viable future. The company was renamed to Symbotic to indicate the connection to both supply chain and robotics.

Symbotic invested heavily in enhancing its technology, including the artificial intelligence and machine learning software that powers the System. Further innovation and preparation for scaling the product and processes positioned the company for the next phase of growth.

As the technology proved out in real-world customer environments, Symbotic partnered with some of the world’s largest companies to commission additional systems, further validating the strength of the solution. The next generation autonomous robot, SymBot, was developed to further increase efficiency and enhance system capabilities for Symbotic customers.

In 2022, Symbotic became a public company (Nasdaq: SYM).  Symbotic is at the forefront of a $350 billion addressable market opportunity to reshape the global supply chain. As a public company, Symbotic has the resources to fuel future growth with plans to scale the business and accelerate implementation of its A.I.-enabled robotics platform.


The Next Phase of
Growth for Symbotic

At this pivotal moment in history when disruption and supply chain challenges necessitate a new approach, and customer expectations are ever increasing, Symbotic is reinventing the warehouse and reimagining the supply chain for customers.

Continuing to Innovate, Scale and Grow

As Symbotic continues to innovate, scale the business and grow success depends on talented people who are empowered to lead, driven to create and have a passion for invention.  Be part of a thriving industry with a motivated team. With a culture of continuous improvement, Symbotic nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit and heart of innovation.

Work That Makes a Difference in the World

At this pivotal moment in history when disruption and supply chain challenges necessitated a new approach, Symbotic set out to reinvent the warehouse but achieved something even greater. The Symbotic System is the virtual backbone of commerce, enabling fast, accurate and efficient distribution of products to consumers.

A Commitment to Diversity

At Symbotic, diversity is valued as mission-critical to the success of the business. Symbotic is committed to a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that values the contribution of all employees, suppliers, partners and customers.

Symbotic Leaders

Our leadership supports an open, transparent workplace that encourages team members to imagine the impossible and make it a reality.

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