Intelligent Robots for Relentless Efficiency

In this end-to-end system hundreds of autonomous mobile robots and robotic arms with advanced vision and sensing capabilities work together in harmony. These bots build optimized mixed-case pallets with relentless efficiency and industry-leading speed and density.



Continuous Performance Improvement
Powered by Self-learning Robots

Intelligent Autonomous Robots Designed for Machine Learning

Our bots were designed with robust machine learning capabilities that continuously improve the system’s performance and reliability. Over time the intelligent bots learn to recognize patterns so they can flexibly adapt to and optimize for operational variations.

Advanced Vision & Sensing Improve Performance & Reliability

Vision and sensing technologies on our end-of-arm tools and an array of RGB and 3-D cameras on board our mobile bots help improve system performance and reliability. Advanced vision and sensing give our autonomous robots enhanced decision-making capabilities.

Versatile Handling Mechanisms Adapt to a Wide Variety of Products

Our case-handling mechanism and proprietary end-of-arm tools enable the Symbotic System to handle a wider range of case sizes and weights. This allows more products to be handled within its unique storage structure without sacrificing density.


SymBot: A Revolutionary
Autonomous Mobile Robot

SymBot is the most sophisticated autonomous mobile robot on the market. It is designed for machine learning with unmatched onboard computing power to collect data, extract insights and flexibly adapt to its environment and variations in operations.

Flexible Bottom Lift Mechanism

Enables handling of a wider array of products of different sizes, weights and shapes. It can also adjust to pick up and place products on shelves at variable heights. SymBot is capable of parallel operations while the robot is still driving reducing the time between tasks and increasing productivity.

Enhanced Driving System

Courtesy of its double wishbone suspension system and power casters this bot can accelerate, turn and stop with greater speed and control. Less than one degree of wheel slip makes the bot resilient enough to drive through spills.

Binocular & 3-D Computer Vision

Multiple RGB cameras give SymBot both depth perception for object detection and increased localization capability. An onboard 3-D camera reduces errors and improves product handling.

Ultracapacitor Charging

SymBot requires zero charging downtime. Instead, the bots receive quick burst charges via ultracapacitors as they enter the lift cell to pick up or drop off products.

Powerful Neural Processor

A robust onboard neural processor gives SymBot some of the highest compute power of any mobile bot on the market. Designed for machine learning this bot leverages data for sophisticated preventive maintenance capabilities that ensure reliability.


"At Symbotic, we work on practical problems. It goes beyond a proof of concept. We get to see our solutions operate in the real world. And it's satisfying to see our customers clearly benefit from our innovations."


Darren Director, Software Engineering


Autonomous Mobile
Robot Fleet

Like a self-driving car, the SymBot mobile robot fleet moves autonomously and dynamically in response to its environment. Orchestrated by A.I.-powered software the bots perform pick and place tasks in synchronization with robotic arms and lifts. With unmatched efficiency, in a typical system the fleet of bots complete in excess of 15,000 case moves per hour.

End-of-Arm Tools

End-of-arm tools with vision and sensing capabilities handle products differently based on the unique characteristics of the case, including crushability, packaging, the center of gravity, shape and weight. This reduces errors and damage to products and enables a wider range of products to be processed through the system.

Flexible & Scalable
Robotic Cells

The modular Symbotic System is comprised of several identical robotic cells that can work together or on their own. This ensures reliability as a cell can be turned off without impacting the other cells in the module. It also provides maximum flexibility to scale and extend the system to handle more volume as modules are added.


Groundbreaking Technology Powered by A.I. Software

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