Transforming Industries
with Robotics

Every industry has its challenges – from labor availability to increasing costs, SKU proliferation and rising customer expectations. Symbotic is uniquely designed to solve some of the most complex distribution challenges faced by these industries:


Efficient, Low-cost
Fulfillment and
Store-Ready Pallets

Retail Grocers struggle to cost-effectively process both fast and slow movers. The Symbotic flexible distributed storage algorithm allows for an unlimited number of fast and slow-moving SKUs. Every case can be picked with equal robotic efficiency, and without the need for re-slotting. And aisle-ready smart pallets make restocking efficient and easy, alleviating labor and space constraints.


Inventory Agility &
Aisle-Ready Pallets

It’s a constant struggle to keep distribution costs low while offering a large number of diverse products. The Symbotic System enables high-volume fulfillment of both cases and breakpack cartons which significantly reduces inventory across a retail network. With flexible, high-density storage the system supports an unlimited number of SKUs. Store-ready pallets alleviate store labor and space challenges by requiring zero sortation activity to move products directly from the truck to the aisle for easy restocking.


Fully Autonomous Fulfillment Reduces Costs and Increases Throughput

With twice as many SKUs as the average retailer, it’s a challenge for food wholesalers to effectively fill orders from traditional warehouses using manual labor or even mechanized solutions. Symbotic’s high-density, fully autonomous system can be retrofitted in existing facilities, improving order accuracy and simplifying customer reconciliation.  The system builds aisle-ready pallets for large retailers and route-stop-ready pallets for independent retailers, minimizing damages in the warehouse, during transport, and in the store.



Easy Pack-and-Hold & Unlimited SKUs

Footwear and apparel distribution is unique with its high number of SKUs and the need to process pack-and-hold orders. Symbotic holds original cases in flexible, high-density storage, supporting an unlimited number of SKUs without the need for pallet storage or crane systems. Pack-and-hold orders can be prepared and then easily held for shipment to retailers at the appropriate time. And the high-capacity system can flex with demand, supporting volumes as needed whether in shipping, eCommerce or pack-and-hold.


Driving Competitive Advantage with Efficient Mixed-Case Processing

Consumer packaged goods companies struggle to process mixed-SKU pallets cost-effectively. Passing those costs on to customers is no longer an option. Symbotic fills mixed case orders with robotic consistency, speed and efficiency, enabling new capabilities and changing the conversation with customers for a competitive advantage.


Efficiently Process Both Fast and Slow Movers

Food and beverage companies are constantly challenged to reduce costs and preserve margin while providing essential products that have different seasonal peaks. The Symbotic system handles high-velocity products and long-tail slow movers with the same robotic efficiency while reducing damage and mis-picks in the warehouse. Order reconciliation is simplified with multiple verifiable checkpoints in order processing. And deliveries are easy with route-stop-aligned smart pallets.


Warehouse Automation for an
Increasingly Complex Supply Chain

Supply chain leaders are challenged by limited labor availability, increasing operating costs, out-of-stocks, SKU proliferation and misalignment of inventory with demand. Finding no other solutions to fully address the challenges Symbotic invented a revolutionary new warehouse automation system – one designed for the increased need for efficiency, speed and flexibility.


Imagine if you could store a limitless number of SKUs in your existing warehouse.


Imagine if a single person could load a trailer in minutes instead of hours.


Imagine if you could stock shelves faster with aisle-ready pallets.


"The best part of my job is interacting with all of our teams across the field and ensuring we provide our customers with the utmost service, to make them a braggingly happy customer."


Pete Senior Vice President, Customer Operations


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