Seamless Orchestration Powered by A.I.

A.I.-powered software seamlessly orchestrates hundreds of industrial robots within the system. The comprehensive proprietary artificial intelligence software manages the entire end-to-end system from case digitization and complex bot routing to sequencing, planning and building the perfect mixed-SKU pallet.



Self-learning Warehouse Automation Software

A well-orchestrated, automated warehouse requires artificial intelligence. To truly reimagine case handling we created a comprehensive self-learning warehouse automation software platform to seamlessly orchestrate, integrate and optimize a fleet of industrial robots to work in perfect harmony. Efficiency, reliability, security and extensibility are pillars on which the platform was built.

Advanced Mobile Robotics Controls

Symbotic’s distributed controls architecture enables faster, more accurate open space navigation and localization for the fleet of mobile bots. Proprietary controls software provides torque assistance for improved control and efficient turning, increasing the reliability and performance of the system with advanced case handling instruction along ten axes of motion.

Complex Routing and Tasking Algorithms

In the multi-dimensional Symbotic System A.I.-powered software orchestrates incredibly complex bot routing and sequencing. The software optimizes pick and place dual tasking in real-time as it directs multiple robotic arms and lift systems. It directs the tasking and sequencing that delivers cases in the exact order and perfect timing needed to create ultra-tall, high-density pallets.

Smart Palletization Algorithms

An intelligent palletization algorithm filters an astronomical number of potential sequences, selecting one that is optimal to create each mixed-SKU pallet. Pallets are optimized for density, stability and the efficient delivery -- an immense achievement. The true genius of the software is in the real-time replanning of a pallet in just seconds so that scratches and errors don’t interrupt high-speed automated pallet build.


Machine learning allows the system to learn as it operates, improving performance over time.



"We have this relentless focus on providing value to our customers. It challenges and pushes us to constantly improve -- to persist through failures & keep trying new ideas."

Husain Director, Machine Learning


Digitization of Each
Case for Accuracy &
Speed in Handling

Robust artificial intelligence software combined with robotic vision systems confirms product attributes, including crushability, stability and other factors that impact the handling parameters of the case. The software checks for anomalies as it creates a digital replica of each case entering the system. The information is used by bot vision systems to validate each case pick and place, ensuring 99.9999% accuracy.

Machine Learning Core Improves Efficiency

At the heart of the Symbotic system is a machine learning software core that enables rapid and continuous improvement over time. Powerful artificial intelligence software harvests up to 10 TB of data daily. The data is used to recognize patterns and direct efficient tasking in real time. Proprietary software and algorithms integrate data from mobile bots and robotic cells to enable a self-learning system that drives increased throughput and reliability over time.

Seamless Integration
with WMS Software

Symbotic system software integrates seamlessly with existing WMS or ERP systems and is easily extensible so your business can grow without limits. System upgrades are managed through a robust and secure cloud data platform – ensuring scalability and resilience. Customers benefit from enhanced capabilities as they become available – without having to manage upgrades themselves.

Smart Vision for
Precision Localization
and Case Handling

The Symbotic System unlocks increased performance and reliability with advanced computer vision. Multiple RGB cameras and a 3-D camera on board our mobile bots provide depth perception and holistic sensing data.  This enables improved decision-making capabilities, product-handling accuracy and precision localization.


Robotic Palletization Algorithm for
Optimized Shipments

Robust Robotic Palletization Algorithm for Optimized Outbound Pallets


Robust Robotic Palletization Algorithm for Optimized Outbound Pallets


Reinvent the Warehouse
the Supply Chain